Detailed map of Crimea

Detailed map of Crimea

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While the City of Sevastopol is located on the Crimean peninsula, it is administratively separate from the rest of Crimea and is one of two special municipalities of Ukraine.

Crimea is subdivided into 25 regions: 14 raions (districts) and 11 city municipalities, officially known as “territories governed by city councils”.

Map of Crimea Regions

Subdivisions of Crimea

Raions and City municipalities

1. Bakhchisarayskiy Raion
2. Belogorskiy Raion
3. Dzhankoiskiy Raion
4. Kirovskiy Raion
5. Krasnogvardeyskiy Raion
6. Krasnoperekopskiy Raion
7. Leninskiy Raion
8. Nizhnegorskiy Raion
9. Pervomaiskiy Raion
10. Rozdolnenskiy Raion
11. Sakskiy Raion
12. Simferopolskiy Raion
13. Sovetskiy Raion
14. Chornomorskiy Raion
15. Alushta municipality
16. Armyansk municipality
17. Dzhankoy municipality
18. Yevpatoria municipality
19. Kerch municipality
20. Krasnoperekopsk municipality
21. Saki municipality
22. Simferopol municipality
23. Sudak municipality
24. Feodosiya municipality
25. Yalta municipality


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