Luxury Yachts For Sale

Purchasing a luxury yacht is a big decision. You need to look at all the features and make sure you are getting everything you want for the least amount of money. Most of these particular yachts are privately owned and staffed by a professional wait staff. Some of the more noteworthy companies are now getting into the yacht business. These include Ferretti, Feadship, Lurssen, and Azimut-Benetti. They are at the top of the market at present. These yachts can include all sorts of amenities. Some also have one or more tenders, basketball courts, swimming pools, and jet skis.

Since the 90’s, yachts seen in and around the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas have almost doubled. Some of these are luxury yachts in which they are made for a private owner to his specifications. Some of these yachts also are chartered. They are rented out because it is less expensive than owning one and doing the upkeep required. These yachts can run anywhere from eighty four feet to four hundred and eighty two feet for the super mega yachts.

Luxury Yachts for Sale

Amenities on these super or luxury yachts are as different as the owners that maintain them. Some have VIP suites in addition to guest rooms. They can also include a sauna, a salon, an infirmary, a ballroom, a library, bar, and separate dining and sitting rooms. There is nothing left out. Most of these yachts have two to five decks. Some have nine built into them. This allows for even more luxury with helicopter hangars, swimming pools, and miniature submarines.

Luxury Yachts in Crimea

There are several of these super yachts in the world. Most enthusiasts can name all of them. The world’s largest private yacht is the ECLIPSE. It is four hundred eighty four feet long and seventy feet wide. Its price tag hovers around $300,000,000. It has nine floors and boasts a submarine with a docking port on the second floor that allows the owner to come and go in private. The owner’s suite even has a private garden. They also have a movie theater and a dance floor as well as two helicopter pads.

There are some smaller than the ECLIPSE, but they are still super yachts in every sense of the word. These are the Octopus and the Rising Sun. The Octopus measures in at four hundred and fourteen feet and is owned by Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft. This yacht has two helicopters, seven tenders in the dock, and a submarine. She also has a small submarine that is radio controlled to explore the ocean floor. The Rising Sun cost over two and half million to build. The Rising Sun measures in at four hundred and fifty three feet long. Some of her special amenities include an extensive wine cellar, movie cinema with a plasma screen, basketball court that can become a helicopter landing pad if needed, gymnasium, and several jacuzzi baths. This particular yacht is owned by Larry Ellison and David Geffen.

Luxury Yacht

As you can see, these luxury yachts are worth the money if you have the money to invest in them. They can be built to your specifications and include almost anything you can think of to add. With the yachts running from three to nine decks, you can have a great choice over size and price as well as what you want to add. These are great investments and can make a wonderful vacation vehicle especially in tropical waters.

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