Snake Jewelry


Trends in fashion keep changing not only every year, but every season nowadays. Revolutionary changes have taken place in the recent times as far as fashion snake jewelry is concerned. Flaunting this jewelry is one of the best ways of reflecting your attitude as well as style. You can turn your outfit from drab to fab by accessorizing your look in snake jewelry. Most women understand the knack of making themselves stand out in a huge crowd by using different pieces of jewelry in snake designs.

Over the years vintage fashion snake jewelry has gained tremendous popularity. Now, it is an art form, though it was considered fake and gaudy in the past. Fashion and creativity is reflected in the latest designs. Right from the time this jewelry was invented, it underwent a lot of evolution as well. Fashion enthusiasts who do not want to burn a hole in their pockets, now make the most of beautiful fashion snake jewelry. A few years back, this jewelry in snake designs was considered well suited for specific outfits only.

Snake Bracelet

Geometric shapes and cigarette holders and cases, bangle bracelets, cocktail rings and long pedants were the elaborate accessory items that gained a lot of popularity in the Art Deco period of the 1920s, flaunting this design variant. Non precious jewelry in snake design became very popular during the great depression period of 1929 and after the First World War, where the trend shifted to cost effective jewelry items. During that time designers set the trend in designer snake jewelry.

Snake Jewelry

Jewelry designed on the snake theme during the 1940s was more dimensional and delicate, but more like the 1920 snake jewelry designs. Military influence, rhinestones, bows, plastic snake jewelry and flowers were introduced during this period in interesting snake designs. A traditional change and sophistication was seen in this jewelry during the period 1950 to 1960. Snake fashion jewelry played a very important role all through the 1950s in fashion. During this period, colors like extreme yellow, bright orange and florescent pink were additions in snake jewelry.

Ball drop earrings, bright plastic bangles, huge pendants, big hoop earrings, etc shaped as serpents became very popular during that time. In other words it was a colorful and big era as far as snake fashion jewelry was concerned. Beaded snake jewelry, rings, necklaces, earrings, cuffs etc in snake designs make you a center of attraction. Currently a twist in bold and bright colors is being used in snake jewelry.

Snake gemstone ring

Different kinds of metals and materials like yellow gold, white gold, platinum, beads, pearls, plastic, bamboo, wood, crystals and bright colored gemstones, etc are used in various designs in snake jewelry. While some of the jewelry is handmade, the rest of it is machine made. One thing is for sure and that is, snake jewelry can enhance your look and accessorize your outfit in many ways. You can always make a style statement with fashion snake jewelry, no matter what the occasion is. Your attitude, choice as well as personality can be best reflected in jewelry with snake designs.


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