Alushta – Ideal Recreation Resort

Alushta is a prominent resort town in Crimea, Russia, which had its foundation founded in the 6th century CE by Emperor Justinian. The significant town is situated on the Black Sea, that is on the road from Gurzuf to Sudak, if you ever vist you will find it, in addition to on the Crimean Trolleybus line. The entire area is famous for the presence of the internationally famed rocky terrain.

There are also te presence of vestiges of a Byzantine defensive tower and along with it a Genoese fortress dating to the 15th century A.D. In those days the town was known as Aluston, especially in the Byzantine Empire, and Lusta during the Genoese rule.

It is to be noted that the famous poet Adam Mickiewicz dedicated two of his Crimean Sonnets to Alushta. The town is itself a glorious one, with its sister city, Santa Cruz, California.

Alushta, Crimea, Russia

If you look at the history of the different nations, yo wil find that there are many cities throughtout he worldthat have go their manes through difrent uusual ways. Now,th city of Alushta had received its name from the Byzantine fortress of Aluston, that had its formation in the 6th century AD by order of the Byzantine emperor Justinian (483-565) who also rebuilt the church of St. Sophia in Constantinople.

Hotels of Alushta

However wit the passage of centuries there have been much transformation and the city at present, happens to be one of the most popular and largest holiday and health resorts in the entire region of Crimea. The population of the city, according to the latest statistics, is about 40 thousand people. The town is comfortably located inside the semi-circle of the mountains facing the Black Sea on the Southern Coast of the Crimean Peninsula.

Alushta city in Crimea, Russia

Alushta is beautiful in every season: it is sunny and cool, green-shaded and free-spirited; sea-gulls cry and small yachts break the waves. Now if you want to spend some days in Alushta you will be glad to know that the circumstances are exceedingly encouraging to climatic treatment in Alushta. Even the climate in Alushta is even better than in Yalta!

Embankment of Alushta

In this regard, the Southern ridge of the Crimean mountains protects Alushta a lot from cold winds of the North and thus become able to keep hold of the warmth of the sea creating a hotbed effect. It should also be learnt that the mountains near Alushta are in no way so close as ones around Yalta, they leave two passes for the winds to ventilate the air in the town. This is the prime reason why the air in Alushta is extremely pure and fresh. The proximity to the wooded mountains and the unique Crimean National Preserve contributes to that a great deal.

To the concerned authority there is the presence of merely 47 overcast days in a year. In summer it is a bit cooler than in Yalta with the average temperatures of 22.2 degrees Celsius. People can swim in the sea from June till October. In summer the temperature of water in the sea is 22-23 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the mountains covering Alushta valley from north, slate ground, cool spring and prolonged autumn without rains play a great role to make it the most valuable region for development of viticulture.

Winter in Alushta

Now, going through these descriptions if you intend to visit ever, never forget to visit mount Demerdzhi, which is situated in the southern part of Alushta valley. The fortress located on the western slope of mount had the same name. In the daytime, at Alushta breezes bring healthy salts from the sea and in the evening the cool air enriched with fragrant aroma. It is this reason what has made Alushta a great future as a recreation resort.

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