Crimea State Medical University

Crimea State Medical University is one of the oldest medical schools in the Russia, opened in 1931. It is internationally known and attended and has a reputation for turing out some of the best doctors worldwide. Its hands-on training and intense studies programs for doctors and nurses on multiple levels and disciplines makes for good medicine. In addition to turning out highly educated medical personnel, Crimea also does lots of international research and has extensive studies programs in place.

Crimea State Medical University is one of the oldest universities in the country of Russia. It is the only medical school in the Russia that is a higher education school certified by the International Education Society in London and is a category AA school , meaning that it is a leading higher education institution and is well-recognised throughout the world. In addition to these honors, results of the state medical examinations show that students of Crimea State Medical University are leaders in the Russia for the last five years. Graduates from the university are employed in fifty-two countries worldwide and more than forty countries have sent students there to study because of the school’s excellent success record.

Crimea State Medical University was opened in 1931 in Simferopol, the center of the Crimean peninsula. In 1996 the status of the school was updated to official Medical University, though it had been a medical school since its original founding date. This status change has allowed for the university to become one of the leading state assisted medical programs in the region. The University trains specialists for medical, dental, and pediatrics in junior specialist, specialist, and master degree levels. The most common program of study is a six year degree to obtain a Doctor or Medicine certification degree, followed by a five year dentistry degree and a six year pediatrics study program. In addition to these programs of study there are also training programs available for assistants and nurses, usually consisting of about a year of study. There is a very high job placement rate coming out of Crimea State Medical University due to its prestigious reputation.

Crimea State Medical University, Simferopol

Classes are offered in both Russian and English for doctors’ programs and in Russian for nursing programs. Teaching is offered by a faculty composed of six hundred staff members making up sixty-one departments and four different schools of study. There is a medical school, laboratories, post graduation department, research and science division, banking division, and a medical/biological lyceum.Part of campus includes many hopsitals and clinical areas which allow students to get firsthand experience and learning during their studies at Crimea.

Crimea State Medical University, students

Crimea has international appeal and dedication. From its founding, it has focused on certain ideals and has been dedicated to research and development. Its study program has an international focus including current research projects worldwide, international cooperation on these projects, expertise involved, and large research equipment and systems involved in the study program. There is also an exchange program and licensure available for international medical degrees.

Crimea State Medical University, student hostel

Crimea State Medical University is dedicated to simple ideas of success. These include training highly qualified medical specialists to give the best healthcare possible in an international setting, training these indivduals on multiple levels and in multiple medical specialties so they can perform at optimum levels, to provide post-graduate and refresher courses to keep personnel up to date on the newest medical training and information, and researching current medical puzzles in the hopes of providing viable solutions in the future. Maybe this mix of training and research is why Crimea is known for being one of the most excellent medical institutions in the world.

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    Would like to find out more about your school. Can you please send me a booklet? Thank you.
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  2. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am very interested in your medical university, especially in the training. Could you let me know some information about your medical equipments for training such as the brand, the origin of the products and the companies.
    Thanks for your helps

    Best Regards, Nguyen Ha

  3. Good day, please may i know the tuition and accomodation fee for nigerian in medecine. and when the new semester begins.

  4. Good day,please i will like to know if there is a place for postgraduate training in department of surgery at your reputable instutition.Thanks

  5. Hello,
    I just concluded a diploma degree in radiography at the university of Lagos,Nigeria. I would like to study medicine in this university.How do i go about it.Also i’d like to know the tution and hostel accommodation fees respectively and when next session will commence. Thanks

  6. Hello,
    I just concluded a diploma degree in radiography at the university of Lagos,Nigeria. I would like to study medicine in this university.How do i go about it.Also i’d like to know the tution and hostel accommodation fees respectively(English medium) and when next session will commence. Thanks

  7. Respected sir,
    i want to know the tution fees and hostel fees,and other neccesary documents required for the admission in your college in M.B.B.S.

  8. am in first course in lsmu and i intend to complete my medical course in csmu,i need information on how to achieve this ,hopefully waiting for ur reply.

  9. Good day, please may i know the tuition and accomodation fee for nigerian who want to study medicine and when will the new semester begin this year?

  10. Plz, tell me about the fee structure and accmodation fee.? Will you provide vegeterian food.? Is there are any oter expenses .? What is insurance.? Can you tell me about insurance .? Is it every year or at a time.? Is there any security for hostelers.? May we come direct for admission.?Is there any screenig test after finishing the course.? Can we continue MS or MD after finishing the MBBS course.? Is there any donations .? Will you provide books or we have to buy.?

  11. sir, i just finished my first MBBS examination and wish to do my clinical medicine in your school.
    i have got my transcript too.
    can i be admitted into the clinical class and what are the tuition fees?
    besides, i wish to be enrolled come january 2010. wat is the possibility?
    i also need a copy of the prospectus. send it to

  12. Hello Emeka and Gerald, if you need information about the school, you can get in touch with me and I will direct you to an agent in Nigeria, who can do get you an Invitation letter at a cheaper cost. Hoping to hear from you.
    My email address ;

  13. dear sir/ma, as a student from nigeria, i want to studies radiography in school, i want to apply how can l apply. school fees, application procedoure, thaks

  14. Hi. I’m a student at CSMU. What are ur qualifications? Are u luking at a Postgraduate degree? What exactly do u need?

  15. i just completed my high sku education and would love to study medicine from CSMU in the September intake, would love to know the fees and rating of the university…

  16. want to know about your tuition fees and your hostel fees for international students.
    how much is the medical course English medium

  17. I just got an admission to study in ghana,but i want to know your requirements to study medicine for in your school,because from what i have googled up in the internet, it seems that your school stands to be one of the best medical school

  18. pls i am a graduate,i studied microbiology,n wish to study at csmu,i will be allowed to start from clinicals since i have my transcripts n i studied in russia for 1 yr,am transfering!

  19. kindly inform if any specialisation program is available in the field of clinical psychiatry.
    Iam a MBBS doctor with PG diploma and 20 years experience.
    seeking 2nd specialty

  20. pls i like t come into ur university this february my agent already procured provisional admission for me but i like to know if i will be accepted into the school as a transfer student into 300 or 400 level. thank you.

  21. Pls sir/madam, I had submitted my document for admission but i have hear from you, also i want to know how much will be the fees for this year. Pls try to contact me as soon as possible for that i can prepare for the semester starting from 1st sept 2012. Hoping to hear from you soon as possible. thank

  22. Observing all due respect,i wuold like to enquire about the possibility of securing a postgraduate slot in FAMILY MEDICINE(residency training),duration, and tuition fees.I am a graduate of this great university and wish to resume for postgraduate studies.this is in addition to my request for academic transcript.
    thank you.pls reply ASAP.

  23. Am a graduate of physiology and want to build a career in medicine. i would love to know your schools requirement for admission into your medical school as well as the fees. Thanks.

  24. Hi ,

    I am a former student of your reputable University. Graduate of 1990 . Is there alumini / or do you track former students

  25. do i only need to pass biology, maths, physics and chemistry before i gain admission into the school? and is it really elective chemistry and physics that is needed or i can still gain admission if i pass in the core physics and chemistry?


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