Sochi Beautiful Beaches on the Black Sea coast

The coastline of the Sochi beaches are quite a gorgeous site. Situated on the Black Sea, this Russian resort city is neat the southern Russian border. From the sea, Sochi looks like a suburban city with may business and a great population. In the background of the Sochi beaches, you can see some snow capped mountains in the distance.

These are the ragged peaks of the Caucasas mountains. This beautiful resort town has also been asked to represent the Winter Olympics in the year 2014. It will be one of the first times that the winter Olympics have been hosted by a tropical location.

This beautiful seaside resort city was founded in 1864. Its name then was Ubykhia. The city was named Sochi in 1896. Russia acquired the area and cities surrounding it in the Russo-Turkish war of 1829.

Sochi was soon called a fashionable resort city by Joseph Stalin. He even had a statue of his likeness placed there. His study, where he spent a lot of time when he visited Sochi, is now open to the public and many people can go and see where he read and studied. The Crimean peninsula was detached in 1954 by Khrushchev. Sochi and its beautiful beaches became and unofficial favorite place to go in the summer. People came in droves to the city and Sochi became a great place to live as well as vacation.

Sochi won the honor of hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics beating out several other countries. These include Austria, South Korea, and Salzburg. This is an honor for the Russian Federation as it is their first hosting an event of this stature. They have agreed to a twelve million dollar package for holding the Olympics there.

View on Sochi from Black Sea

The only problem that was foreseen was Greenpeace of Russia coming in and fighting over the national parks being ravaged to build new arenas for the Olympic events. This would also break the environmental protection treaties that Russia has in place. Another side issue would be the constructors of the arenas would be buying up all the valuable and resourceful land to build on. So there may be a fight over the land either way.

Sochi Retro Photo

The 2014 games will be a kind of welcome to Russia to get back in the world and set them up as a future host for more winter sports and activities. There will be redevelopment in Sochi and the building of more resort locations to host all the participants an travelers that will becoming there in 2014.

Sochi Beach 1973

They will be building and Olympic park just for this purpose. The Sochi Olympic Park will be situated along the Black Sea coast. There will also be some events near Krasnaya Polyana. Inside the Sochi Park, spectators will find the skating and hockey halls. They will also include an outside skating facility and a super gift shop and sports store. The new stadium will seat up to 40,000 people and will be designed like a sea shell.

Church of St. Vladimir in Sochi

So if you can go to the Olympics in 2014, you really should take the trip. If for no other reason than to see the beautiful beaches of Sochi, you can also see the city come alive when the Olympics grace the resort city with a visit. Being a first time participant in hosting the Olympics, this is sure to be remembered by all who attended for a long time to come.

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