Sochi Olympic Park – the new Olympic “Riviera”

The spirit of Olympics is all set to embellish the sporting community in Russia, which is the official host of the XXII Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. Sochi city is the venue that will bear witness to the unraveling of another sporting history. The Sochi Olympic Park is ‘in the making’ to host the event. Sochi Olympic Park will be the venue for the coastal cluster games and Krasnaya Polyana will be host to the mountain cluster games. Sochi Olympic Park is designed with the intent of building all the avenues around the Medals Plaza, where the sportsmen and women will be glorified for their exemplary achievements with medals.

In 2014, the XXII Olympic Winter Games will be bringing the radiance of the Olympics spirit into the lives of multitudes of Russians, as it is the official host of the event. The venue of the event with its array of Black Sea resorts and mountainous landscape is Sochi, the city with rich cultural heritage as its prime asset. Sochi is considered as the “Russian Riviera”. The Sochi Olympic Park will see the unraveling of another sporting event that will be etched in the annals of Olympics history. The zest for achieving excellence will be seen reflected in all the events and the participants from around the globe.

The Alpine valleys, Skiing trails, mountains and the coast of the Black Sea has made Sochi, the winter sport destination for multitudes who seek the thrills and frills of ice and snow sporting events. The 2014, XII Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games will bolster Sochi’s status as a winter destination that is unique. Sochi Olympic Park is the vision of the Sochi Olympics Organizing Committee (SOOC), which was established in 2007 by the Russian Oympic Committee, soon after Sochi was selected as the venue for 2014 Winter Olympics by the International Olympics Committee (IOC).

Sochi Olympic Park 2013

It is headed by Dmitry Chernyshenko and an able group of administrators. The event is divided into mountain cluster and coastal cluster to facilitate the smooth functioning of various sports. Krasnaya Polyana will be the venue for the mountain cluster and Sochi Olympic Park will be the venue for the coastal cluster. Sochi Olympic Park is planned to be built along the coast of the Black Sea. The venues of various sports are all designed to be located around the Medals Plaza.

Sochi Olympic Park 2014

The Medals Plaza will be built on a central water basin, flanked by all the other venues that are to be built in Sochi Olympic Park. In the Sochi Olympic Park that is envisioned by the SOOC, the Sochi Olympic Stadium will be built, which can accommodate as many as 40,000 spectators. The stadium is proposed to be the stunning shell shaped seaside setting that will witness the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the XXII Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games. Sochi Olympic Park will house the Olympic Stadium, Skating Centre, Curling centre, Medals Plaza, Olympic Oval, Bolshoi Ice Palace, Maly Ice Palace and the Primary Olympic Village for the coastal cluster of Games.

Sochi Olympic Park 2014 Fireworks

The selection of Sochi as the official venue for the XXII Winter Olympics and Parlaympic Games is a blessing to the Russian sporting society. The arrival of Winter Olympics in the country entails the popularity of Sochi as a winter destination and the pervasion of the Olympic spirit in the spectrum of Russian sports. The event will also endow the Russians and the sportsmen and women across the globe with a momentous and unique sporting opportunity.

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